Monday, November 10, 2014


Giving thanks and showing gratitude is probably a no-brainer for many of us this month. We plan for weeks what we will have for Thanksgiving dinner, who's house to go to, what to bring as a side dish to our host's table, how to prepare for spending time with family we haven't seen in a while.

But have you ever felt like the holidays were filled with more stress, rushing around and needless anxiety? Chances are, if you are human, you know the feeling. Sometimes in our race to have a good time and make it all happen we forget about compassion and simple human kindness.

As a florist, every holiday brings about the chance for us to seek new business, keep in touch with our repeat clients, and provide our customers with the best product as a way for You to say thank you to folks you are grateful for.
It also gives us reflect on how we are grateful for all of the above; without you, we wouldn't be writing this post! And in turn gives us the opportunity to reach out to those not as fortunate.

Last Spring we teamed up with The Container Store for the opening of their new location at Southcenter Mall. It was a fabulous event and since then we make sure to stay updated with their latest news. Check out one way they have made it easy for you to help others. With winter upon us, we turn to our fall closets and move fleece, wool, and down jackets to the front and center. Did you know  Health experts report that even a 2-degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion. Adults cannot work effectively and children find it difficult to learn. For most, a warm coat solves the problem. But, for the now nearly 15% of Americans living in poverty, a warm winter coat is a budget “extra.”

The Container Store teamed up with One Warm Coat again and is making it easier for you to donate to someone in need. From now until December 31 just bring a warm coat donation to your nearest Container Store and they'll do the rest! Click here for details and store locations  

Also consider donating other items to homeless shelters and men/women/children centers. Winter items needed: warm coats, hats, gloves, wool socks, blankets, sleeping bags. Here is a link to Seattle Shelters and Services for the Needy.

And speaking of Thanksgiving Feasts, Here is a link to Washington Soup Kitchens, Food, Pantries, Food Banks where you can help by donating food items.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. ~Mother Teresa
You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Here are ways we would like to thank you AND help you thank others:
ORDER your Thanksgiving centerpiece or thank you floral before November 24 and receive free delivery.
PURCHASE a fall wreath (on sale for $50each) and we'll donate $5 to the PCC Food Bank Program for each one sold. Check out this link to see exactly what this donation buys.

 sample wreath #1
sample wreath #2

RECEIVE 10% off your purchase of our "Compassion" and "Gratitude" centerpieces for the week of Thanksgiving. They are priced at $75.00 and $150.00 and are designed with fresh seasonal flowers, dried pods and wheat in a square wood box for Compassion and longer wood rectangle for Gratitude.




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