Saturday, July 26, 2008

bring in your own containers

We love a challenge! Bring us your own containers and we'll whip up a whole new look for them. Give us a little notice - 3 days is great, more if you can... and we'll choose the freshest blooms to coordinate with your decor.

try some height

Although our daily florals are usually in the low compact style, we can modify this look by simply adding height. We start with a taller container and a few taller flowers, the rest we keep in our signature compact style. You can order with the same dollar amount as usual ($100 and up) to put some height into your life.

evening drama in the Spanish Ballroom

Use jewel toned linens and flowers for a dramatic look at an evening affair.
Most venues supply votive candles for tables. We recommend doubling the amount - twice is nice when it comes to shimmering candlelight!

Spanish Ballroom June 2008

pale pink peonies and fancy white dendrobium orchids make an elegant statement in the ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel

Dumptruck Florals

Our client was throwing a party for her son's birthday. We used his favorite dumptrucks as containers for these high impact and super fun flowers.

You can use any item as a floral container: pots, pans, water pitchers, teacups, and yes, your kids toys!

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