Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Orchid Plants

Brassia in tree fern pot

Display of phalaenopsis orchid and bromeliad

Butter yellow phalaenopsis accented with black bamboo

Miniature phalaenopsis are nestled at the base of this
doubled stemmed larger phalaenopsis

a Juniper favorite consists of multiple plants such as these
brightly toned intergenerics

Summer is here and many folks are a little wary about having fresh flowers in their homes for fear of them dying in the heat.
If you feel the same way, consider one of our favorite blooming plants~ THE ORCHID

Contrary to popular belief they are very easy to care for and like to be ignored once in a good location. Their ideal surrounding is in bright light but out of direct sun, a temperature range of 66-77 degrees but can tolerate higher or lower temps.

Watering should be done once a week in the summer months. I like to use a little shot-glass size amount per plant each week. Another easy trick is to place an ice cube or two on top of the growing material and let that melt. For die hard care takers, you can remove the plant from its decorative container and drench the plant material, let it drain and then replace it back in its pot. Never let an orchid sit in water, the roots will rot.

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